The information published on these pages shows:

The number of students who attained a particular degree or other academic award, or a particular level of such an award, on completion of their course with us.

It shows these numbers by reference to:

  • The gender of the individuals to which they relate
  • Their ethnicity
  • Their socioeconomic background, as measured by the English Indices of Multiple Deprivation (EIMD) 2019.

We review disparities in student outcomes across demographic characteristics on a regular basis and this informs our approach to delivering on our 访问 & Participation Plan. 更多的 information can be found in our 访问 & Participation Plan.


Attainment of 2019-20 qualifiers

Table 1a: 百分比 of classified first degrees at grade 2:1 or above by characteristic for 2019-20 qualifiers
Characteristic Characteristic split 百分比
种族 BAME75.2%
EIMD 2019 quintile 1和277.1%
3 to 585.4%
其他 N

Rounding and suppression

Numerators and denominators have been rounded to the nearest 10. Where the numerator or denominator rounds to 20 or less, the data are suppressed with an 'N'.

百分比s will be rounded according to the smallest, unsuppressed denominator in a given mode and characteristic. If the denominator rounds to:

  • 50 or less: percentages are rounded to 5%
  • 1,000 or less: percentages are rounded to 1%
  • 更多的 than 1,000: percentages are rounded to 0.1%

'N/A' is displayed where there is no provision in a given mode or level.

'DP' indicates suppression for data protection reasons. This is applied where the numerator is two or less, or differs from the denominator by no more than two students.


EIMD = English Indices of Multiple Deprivation.